Calico sample bags

 Calico Sample Bags




Fabric: Polycotton,100% cotton, canvas;
Bag Sizes:
Custormized size
Package: Carton box
Printing: Number and barcode printing available

Delivery: CIF

As a leading producer and exporter, Geomax specialises in calico bag manufactouring. Because of the low cost of raw fabrics and highly efficient production chain, we keep a high production capacity and pricing competitive in the market. With over a million pcs production capacity per month, we can fullfill large orders for our customers on time.

The bags are made from highly durable polycotton fabrics and sewn with rot resistant threads, with arrays of sizes for various sampleing purposes.

For package, the bags are packed every 100 pcs and packaged with hardened carton boxes suitable for long distance delivery and repeated movements. We offer CIF delivery to our clients all over the world.